Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update on Charles Camsell Hospital Site

(see post below this one for the story)

This is the first email I've received in response to my queries, and it gives me a small amount of hope that someone cares about this.

"Thank you for your concern regarding the possibility that this property may contain the unmarked graves of children that died at the hospital. We have researched this as best as we can but can find no evidence of graves at this time. However, care has been taken that all site work be stopped should any evidence of a grave be found.
We would appreciate your contact information so we can provide you with any useful information.
Chetan Lalh
on behalf of the Owners of
1106088 Alberta Ltd.
10315 - 109 Street
Ph: (780) 425-2506
Fax: (780) 425-2212
Fax: (780) 428-7814


tshsmom said...

I'm proud of you!

Jeannie said...

Thanks for the thanks. I only wish I had bigger readership. However, I told my sister about the documentary and that's where you might gain a little more grassroots support. Colleen is very involved in the United Church and has been for years. She has her MDiv and is completing her credentials to be a therapist (counsellor). Her ex is a U.C. minister (who was serving in Whistler, BC until just a few years ago). She was shocked when I told her about this documentary because in spite of her deep involvement (with presbytery), she had never heard of anything like this. Even in spite of being a part of a healing circle with our First Nations ladies here and hearing their stories. She is not afraid of conflict and I am certain will bring this issue more to light here with the powers that be.

SME said...

Hey, that's where it all starts - word of mouth and being willing to ask questions, share, raise uncomfortable issues.

Some people are down on the United Church for being a central part of the residential school system, but I still have a huge amount of respect for the UC because of the work it does today. It's a vital part of my community and so many others. I have hope that great changes in the way we view the residential schools will come from within the church itself, through people like your sister.