Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Greyhound Bus Terminal

My friend Joseph from New York sent me a postcard to ask what I think of the Greyhound Bus Terminal incident. This was my reply to his query:

Hello Joseph,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I do have an interesting view of the bus incident, and it is definitely NOT like the mainstream median!:D

I give you a few examples of the subtle symbolism's I noticed with regards to the organizations involved in the event. The event itself I give to black majix performance, with the new moon of that day attempting to make a significant if not permanent change within our rule of law. Leo is the grand organizer, whom can pull strings to maintain a showmanship effect.

The colours of blue and red where significant, if one can consider whom the media looked to for guidance. Greyhound, Walmart (the accused' former work place), the RCMP, the local Manitoba Police, every media outlet, had colours blue&red. Trauma based mind control: the people insist that SOMETHING must be done. These 'organizations' respond.

This is just the beginning to use the north american union excuse to 'control' the masses because there is utter 'chaos'. I wish humanity would wake up and realize, but then again, I think they may have us by the balls under this whole economic structure. I hope Planet X comes to encapsulate these demons that are plundering our Earth at the moment. I'd like to believe that Planet X may return and have on it the Suns of the Serpent that have previously dealt with this menace. The cities feed off of the human race which I believe are the red & white blood cells of the earth, and the white blood cells come out to fight off disease when the global body has been infected. Anyone can watch a legend like movie where there is a civilization of white fighters defending an approaching enemy. Through the Hollywood-like thing called MK-ULTRA, we have been conditioned to believe that someone is going to come rescue us and it gives humanity a sense of dis-empowerment. We have lost our way, like Ron Paul will tell you. We must get back into strengthening the earth, therefore, strengthening ourselves. Also, the more the red blood cells for our Mother Earth, the HEALTHIER we are!!!!! So all non-white races must remain more plentiful than the white, otherwise Mother Earth will continuously be fighting off a disease that is within ourselves. This depletes the resources of the immune system for our planet.

If you can imagine, I'm told by other people everyday, 'crazy'. Then they move on with their day.

In Canada, the global empire is very apparent now, as we even have the stupid 'queen' on our $20 bill. I write a message on every talisman I get, attempting to inform through an unexpected median. I will be involved in a phone in to jam the telephone lines of my member of parliament to protest a north american union in September. I can forward the email I just received if you are so empowered to share in this experience. I can keep you updated with any information that you may require.



tshsmom said...

Alrighty then... :(

SME said...

I can't say that I would mind some increased security on buses, though. I shudder to think now that we placed my stepdaughter on a bus just days before this occurred, and I was disturbed even then by the complete lack of basic security measures like metal detectors. Is it really a right to be able to bring hunting knives, firearms, or controlled substances on a bus? Are a few restrictions on carry-on items going to affect our day-to-day lives? The flight restrictions haven't really affected me much; having to buy liquids and gels when I reach my travel destination is only a very minor inconvenience (besides, I've been able to get hand sanitizer gel onto several commercial flights...)

As for the psychic trauma that can be caused by such events, I agree with you that it is made far, far worse by the kind of media over-coverage we've seen in this case. If the media spent half the time on positive, life-affirming events that it does on (relatively rare) gruesome crimes, we'd be in better shape as a society. IMO.